Hardy Bros Ltd. Thumb Crotch Wading Staff or Walking Stick


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This is a great old wading staff and walking stick made by Hardy in the 1930s! Feels great in the hand!

The following text is found in Hardy’s Angler’s Guide, 59th Edition, 1952.

“All anglers who wade and do not use a wading net or gaff should use one of these.  The sling is put over the neck and one shoulder ensuring the user that under alll circumstances the staff is there for his assistance. During wading, espeically in strong water, and with a rough, loose rocky bottom it is invaluable. It is of great assistance in picking out and thus avoiding deep places, and very useful in retrieving a fly caught up in a tree.

The shaft is made of selected Tonkin Bamboo, to which a comforable thumb crotch is securely fixed. A secure cord grip is provided. The bottom end of the shaft is furnished with a stout iron shoe and bank hook. The sling is made of strong serviceable cord.

Also made with a light ferrule and without a bank hook, for use as a walking stick.

Weight approx. 21 oz. Length overall, 4ft. 2in.”


Marked: Hardy Bros. Ltd, Makers, Alnwick, England

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 12 × 12 in

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