The Art of the Creel by Hugh Chatham and Dan McClain


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With the advent of “catch and release” the fishing creel no longer has much utilitarian value. Instead, it is being recognized for its folk art appeal and the fine workmanship that has gone into many of the old creels. Further, the fishing creel is now widely recognized as a symbol of fishing and it is used in fishing art, logos and interior decoration. “The Art of the Creel” is a photographic perspective on a wide variety of creels, their makers, their materials and their artistic appeal. With more than 200 different creels photographed, this book provides a comprehensive look at all the major categories of creels as well a some very rare, one of a kind, creels that are tucked away in private collections. The authors have also provided pertinent information about the history and the makers for most of the creels. There is still much to learn about the subject and “The Art of the Creel” is a good place to start for anyone interested in fishing or folk art.

Written by Hugh Chatham and Dan McClain / Photography by Gretchen Duykers / Dedicated to Daryll Whitehead / Published by Blue Heron Publications / ISBN 0-9659172-7-4

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Hugh Chatham & Dan McClain



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